Enterprise Video Content Management

Enterprise Video Content Management

Video Content Management

Enterprises need a platform that can manage the growing volume of video content and make it easier to find and use across the enterprise.

Rev offers the most advanced enterprise video management solution that delivers the scalability and performance required for a globally distributed workforce. Designed with the end user in mind, Rev brings the power of live webcasting, video recording and mass audience viewing to any device, anywhere in the world.

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Video Content Management
Enterprise Video Content Management with Rev

Cloud-Based Video CMS

Rev provides a central repository to manage all videos for the enterprise, regardless of business unit. Rev was designed for businesses where governance, resource efficiency, version control, and access control are important.

Online Video Editing

Enables all content creators to easily polish their videos right from their browser. The online video editor gives users an integrated solution for typical enterprise pain points like trimming, plug-in restrictions, out of date content, and workflow approvals.

Subtitle Transcription

Rev supports the use of SRT files for subtitle inclusion on video content. An integration with VoiceBase is also available to provide on-demand automated transcription services. With just one click you can send a video for transcription and receive an SRT file back that is automatically uploaded into Rev, enabling closed captions to desktop and mobile players.


An enterprise video library needs to be able to scale organically without undue administration burdens. Rev makes it easy to manage retention policies, control access, and incorporates approval workflows to ensure compliance with your organization’s policies

Enterprise Search

Search capabilities to access all video metadata and even the spoken word within each video. With speech search, each user can easily find relevant content within long videos, eliminating the wasted time hunting for the right clip. In fall 2019, we will be introducing the ability for searching the presence of particular speakers using the power of AI!


The Power of Rev



Transform video from any source so anyone anywhere can innovate.



Unify all video assets to easily organize, secure and share them at scale.



Broaden the reach of video and empower users where they live.


The Rev Platform provides best-in-class security, seamless integration, comprehensive analytics, and data enrichment to raise your video IQ.