Human Resources & Training Video Solutions

Human Resources & Training Video Solutions

Retain and engage employees

Video is fast becoming a key method for Human Resources and Training organizations to engage, educate and onboard employees.

Rev makes it easy to create video content such as training videos and measure engagement and manage on-demand video content. Retain and engage your employees with a secure enterprise video platform that helps you establish company culture, accelerate onboarding, and promote learning and collaboration.

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Video for HR & Training
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    Empower your employees and speed onboarding with video.

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    Transform how you deliver and manage training. Ensure your employees are up to date on compliance requirements and track video completion.

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     Easily maintain, manage and deliver video content from a single platform.​

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    Empower all your employees by making it easy for remote employees to collaborate.​

  • Speeds knowledge transfer by unleashing the power of video to inform and train​

  • Enables subject matter experts to rapidly create and share information​

  • Creates centralized, searchable online library from disparate, isolated video recordings​

  • Provides viewer analytics to track viewer habits and content compliance

  • Integrate with learning management systems to maximize ROI and ensure optimal learning​


Identity Management

Protect your IP

Ensuring the right people have access to the right content is easy with Rev. Rev can integrate with your existing sign on system, no need for another password!


Ensure Compliance

Track video viewing down to each employee to support compliance requirements. Beyond who has completed, you can also measure the device used and location.

Completion Metrics

Measure Consumption

You will be able to measure who has completed training videos, or how far along your staff are currently. Highlight rising stars hungry for a larger challenge!