Marketing Video Solutions

Marketing Video Solutions

Engage and Connect With Customers and Prospects

Leading marketing teams are investing more and more in video to promote awareness and generate demand. However, these teams are often challenged to effectively manage video content to maximize the ROI.

Rev enables you to store and manage your videos on a secure platform that helps you maintain your brand identity and deliver the best experience possible.

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How Enterprise Marketing Pros Use Video
Marketers use video to drive traffic to the website; to increase engagement of buyers and to build awareness
White Paper: Video For Marketing

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    Engage customers and prospects with more personal video communication. Overcome audience size limitations with existing web conferencing solutions.​

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    Measure audience engagement so determine content and delivery effectiveness​.

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    Brand your video portal for a customized user experience​.

  • Webinars for demand generation at any quantity and audience size for an upfront fixed cost​

  • Integrated Online Video Editing: no more waiting for minor video edits or costly software licenses for light usage

  • Host HD videos on websites, eliminating costly hosting service charges​

  • Easy integration across your Marketing Tech stack; no more need for manually distributing promotion links, uploading leads, or pulling viewership analytics


Largest Audience Sizes

Don't Limit Reach to Mere Thousands

Rev won't be charging a premium when you need to host an enterprise-class virtual event. Remove technical limitations like size, security, and stream quality from your event equation with Rev.

Online Video Editor

Save Time & Money

No need to invest in expensive software licenses for basic video needs. With a browser-based editing tool you will save your department money and time by streamlining fundamental video edits.

Workflow Approvals

Governed Self-Service

Despite an abundance of features focused on alleviating corporate bottlenecks, Rev still includes governance features to ensure subject matter experts are always reviewing outputs.